Derren Brown: Book Lists and Recommended Reading

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

23 Steps to Success and Achievement: The Dynamic Plan That Will Change Your Life
Robert Lumsden
Accelerated Learning in the Classroom
Alistair Smith
Advanced Language Patterns Mastery
Larry McLauchlin
Applications of NLP
Robert Dilts
Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-being
Robert B. Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith
Change Your Mind: And Keep The Change
Connirae Andreas, Steve Andreas
Communication Magic: Exploring the Structure and Meaning of Language
L. Michael Hall
Develop Your NLP Skills
Andrew Bradbury
Frogs into Princes
Richard Bandler and John Grinder
Frogs into Princes: Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Richard Bandler and John Grinder
Interpersonal Communication
Peter Hartley
Introducing NLP
John O'Connor and John Seymour
Leaves before the wind: Leading edge applications of NLP
Charlotte Bretto Milliner, John Grinder, Judith DeLozier and Sylvia Topel
Managing with the Power of NLP: Neuro-linguistic Programming for Competitive Advantage
David Molden
My Voice Will Go with You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, M.D.
Milton H Erickson and Sidney Rosen
NLP at Work: The Difference that Makes a Difference in Business
Sue Knight
NLP for Lazy Learning: Superlearning Strategies for Business and Personal Development
Diana Beaver
NLP made easy
Carol Harris
NLP Workbook: A Practical Guide to Achieving the Results You Want
Joseph O'Connor
Presenting Magically: Transforming Your Stage Presence with NLP
David Shephard, Tad James
Richard Bandler, John Grinder
Selling with NLP: Revolutionary New Techniques That Will Double Your Sales Volume: Guaranteed
Kerry L. Johnson
Sleight of Mouth
Robert Dilts
Teaching Seminar with Milton H. Erickson
Jeffrey K Zeig
The Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP and NLP New Coding
Robert B. Dilts, Judith A. Delozier
The Language of Metaphors: An Introduction
Andrew Goatly
The NLP Field Guide (Part 1): A reference manual of practitioner level patterns
Jules and Chris Collingwood
The Secret of creating your Future
Tad James
The Sourcebook of Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to the Technology of NLP
L. Michael, PhD Hall, Barbara P. Belnap
The Spirit of NLP: The Process, Meaning and Criteria for Mastering NLP
L. Michael Hall
The Structure of Magic II
Richard Bandler, John Grinder
The Structure of Magic: a Book About Language and Therapy
Richard Bandler, John Grinder
The User's Manual for the Brain: The Complete Manual for Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification
Bob Bodenhamer and L Michael Hall
Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill
Thinking from A to Z
Nigel Warburton
Time for a Change
Richard Bandler
Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality
Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall
Time-Lining: Patterns for Adventuring in Time
Bob Bodenhomer, Michael Hall
Training with NLP: Skills for Managers, Trainers and Communicators
Joseph O'Connor, John Seymour
Trance-Formations: Neuro-linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis
Richard Bandler and John Grinder
Using Your Brain - for a change: Neuro-linguistic Programming
Richard Bandler
Whispering in the wind
Carmen Bostic St Clair and John Grinder

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